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China check valve manufacturers, check valve suppliers, check valve factory. Vatac Steel Check valves use a combination of dieformed flexible graphite and interbraided graphite in a predetermined arrangement to ensure an effective seal. Graphite packing achieves its maximum ability to isolate the atmosphere when it is contained within a chamber that is precise in finish and dimension. Vatac Gate valves are manufactured with stem finishes better than 32 Ra and stuffing box wall finishes for 125 Ra. In addition, stem straightness and taper are closely controlled.


Vatac standard Steel Check Valves are designed and manufactured to ensure leakage of less than 100 ppm (parts per million) of volatile organic compounds. Extensive base line laboratory testing (static and cycle testing) has been performed establishing critical design parameters necessary to achieve low emission sealing in the Vatac stem packing seal area and in the bonnet gasket sealing area, In-house testing procedure has been developed and is periodically performed to ensure that standard product design and manufacturing criteria consistently result in the Vatac Gate Valve meeting a maximum of 100 ppm VOC leakage prior to shipment.


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» Body: Vatac cast steel bodies provide low resistance flow and optimum strength and performance.
» Cover: The cover allows access to internal components. 
» Cover Gasket: The cover gasket creates a leakproof seal between the bonnet and body.
» Seat Ring: To ensure a stable shutoff, the seat ring is aligned and seal-welded into the valve, then precision ground for optimal seating.
» Disc: The disc allows uni-directional flow and restricts back flow with trouble free shutoff.
» Swing Arm: The swing arm allows the disc to open and close.
» Disc Nut & Pin: The disc nut and pin secures the disc to the swing arm.
» Hinge Pin: The hinge pin provides a stable mechanism for the swing arm to operate.
» Plug: The plug secures the arm pin inside the valve.
» Plug Gasket: The plug gasket creates a leak-proof seal between the plug and body.
» Cover Studs & Nuts: The cover studs and nuts secure the bonnet to the body.
» Eyebolt: The eyebolt is used to aid in lifting the valve


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