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Through Conduit Gate Valve

China through conduit gate valve manufacturers, through conduit gate valve suppliers, through conduit gate valve factory. The Vatac through conduit gate valve using a self-sealing type packing structure, it is not necessary to be frequently adjusted, and it is very easy or convenient for opening and closing, meanwhile, there is a secondary sealing grease injection device on the packing gland to ensure a reliable sealing function, a “Zero” leakage can be really realized, the problem of leakage from packing gland has been fully erased compared with other standard types of valve. Automatic removal of high pressure in the cavity when the through conduit gate valve is closed to ensure a safety operation. With fully closed structure and perfect protection features which make the vatac through conduit gate valve meets the requirements of 24-hour duty.


The Seat is adopted by floating type structure with O-ring sealing and Pre-tightening force, making the valve with an inlet and outlet double sealing, meanwhile, the on/off torque of this structure is only half of some other standard valves which makes the through conduit gate valve can be easily on/off. The seat using a sealing with PTFE Inserted which has a double sealing function of PTFE to Metal and metal to metal. The PTFE sealing surface has also another function to clean the dirt of the Gate. The outside of Vatac Metal to Metal seated Through conduit Gate Valve is equipped with a grease injection device, Grease passes through injection device and seat into seat sealing surface to make this type of valve realized a Zero Leakage. Through conduit gate with adversion hole, it is always fitted with the sealing face to protect itself destroyed by the medium no matter it is fully opened or closed which extended the service life accordingly. When the through conduit gate valve is fully opened, the channel is smoothly to a linear, with a very small Cv and without any pressure loss to make the line can be cleaned by hair-ball through it.


Through Conduit Gate Valves designed to API 6D and 6FA are custom manufactured by Vatac and supplied with Flanged, Butt Weld, Socket Weld, Hub Connectors, Compact Flange or other proprietary connections. Pressure ratings up to ANSI #2500Lb, temperature ranges from -46 to +175 Deg C and bore sizes from 2” to 42’’. All Vatac Through Conduit Gate Valves have their sealing surfaces hard faced with Tungsten Carbide and can be configured with either Pneumatic or Hydraulic Actuators. All valves are available in Standard and Exotic Materials.


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» Designed and manufactured to API 6D
» P.T Ratings to ASME B16.34
» Face to Face dimensions to API 6D
» Flanged Ends to ASME B16.5, ASME B16.47
» Butt-weld Ends to ASME B16.25
» Valves Marking to MSS SP-25
» Inspect & Tested to API 6D
» NACE MR-01-75

» Sizes Ranges from 1 1/2” thru 40”
» Pressure Ratings from Class 150 to Class 2500, PN16 to PN260
» Structured in Bolted Cover, Outside Screw and York, Optional Non-rising Stem
» Ends Connections in Flanged R.F or RTJ, Butt-welded and Grooved
» Operations in Manual, Electric or Pneumatic Actuators

» Gas Industry Service » Gas Production, Offshore » Oil Production » Oil Transportation
» Petrochemical Processing » Petroleum Distribution » Petroleum Production and Refining

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